Hypnoband Practitioner DoncasterThe World's leading No.1 Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System.

No more counting calories!
No more failed diets!
No more torturous exercise!
Freedom from thinking about food!
No need to endure painful and expensive surgery

Hypno-Band is the revolutionary new way to achieve rapid weight loss without surgery.

If you go on a diet you will lose weight Ė but most people put that weight back on once they have stopped dieting! Hypnosis changes the way you think about food. You east slowly, stop eating when you are full and really want to eat healthy options.

Read what some of my satisfied clients have to say

“Hi Lynn, I just wanted to say a real big thank you for the hypnotherapy I received from you which has now helped me lose the three stone I wanted to lose. Iíve achieved this is less than four months and am absolutely delighted. I was sceptical that hypnosis would work for me, but have proved that is has. I know I wouldnít have achieved this without your help. Thank you so much.” Gaynor (Doncaster)

“Hi Lynn, Just thought I would share my absolute delight with you. After one session with yourself I have lost a total of 1.9 stone over a period of three weeks. I am over the moon, Thank you Thank you Thank you. Looking forward to moving forward with my life.”Angela (Retford)

“Hi Lynn, Iíve lost 12 pounds in two weeks using the weight control cdís. I canít wait to see what Iím going to lose now Iíve had the gastric band. Itís my first day and itís going really well.”Nikki (Barnsley)

“Hiya Lynn, just want to thank you Ö the hypnosis is by far the best thing Iíve ever done. As you know when I came to you I weighed 22st and 2lbs. Eleven days later I had lost 22lbs. I currently weigh 19stone. I still have a long way to go but I cannot thank you enough for your help as I only came to see you at the beginning of December. (Sent on 8th January)”Anne (Rotherham)

“Just to let you know that I got weighed at the gym last Friday after seeing you and then again on Wednesday and I was 7 pounds lighter!!!” Tracey (Rotherham)

“Thought Iíd write and let you know Iíve now lost 5 and a half stone since January WOOOP!! Just wanna say thanks for everything when I was coming to see you. ”David (Doncaster) (Sent in June)

“Dear Lynn, I first weighed 12.5lb on the 13th January. After my session today (8th February) I have lost a total of 1st 1lb. Many thanks to you and your weight loss program. My life has started to change for the better. ”Hannah (Worksop)

This weight loss system allows you to be the weight you choose to be. A weight loss system that is designed for you. Ring for details 01302 746173

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